TRAILING is a scripted original series –  a sassy and surreal satire of the political consulting world!

At a highly boutique NYC consulting firm –  a firm so boutique that its marquee client is running for Student Council President at the University of Phoenix –  one man must cater to his delusional boss's every whim: STEVEN, a gay anti-hero for the post-Lewinsky generation.


Political consulting is a world where words are largely meaningless, and terrified hacks lurch from one manufactured crisis to the next. No campaign is too small, no press hit too minor. For the creative underclass, it's a race to the bottom –  and on Election Day, a candidate is only as good as his most embarrassing typo.

Will this tiny firm win their client's race for Queens Commissions Commissioner? Will Steven ever become a White House speechwriter? Will his boss start her free trial of Plated?

Find out when the first 3 episodes premiere April 13th, only on Vimeo.

*  *  * 


Back in 2012, series writer/creator STEVEN PHILLIPS-HORST had just been fired from his job writing desperate fundraising emails and boiler-plate speeches for a little-known NYC pol named Bill de Blasio.

Having already helped lose campaigns for the Democratic party in glamorous hotspots like Tampa and Albuquerque, Steven's swift dismissal from Team de Blasio was just another notch on the cheap, H&M belt he wore to fundraisers.

And so, TRAILING was born...